Inner Wave Pencak Silat

Bukan berusaha menjadi jago tetapi jadi jago dalam berusaha.

Don’t strive to become a champion. Become a champion by striving.

– Indonesian proverb


Why are there so many names for Inner Wave Pencak Silat?

In Indonesian the full name is Persatuan Pencak Silat Inti Ombak which will be abbreviated as PPSIO. In English this is roughly translated as Inner Wave Pencak Silat Union (or Association). Some people refer to it as Inner Wave, while others prefer the Indonesian. In English speaking USA, putting the Persatuan Pencak Silat upfront is too confusing, so most senior students of the system will refer to it as Inti Ombak Pencak Silat or by its English acronym IOPS.

So is what you do like karate? kung fu?

Kind of. Most silat styles employ a wide variety of tools, striking, blocking, trapping, kicking, grappling, joint manipulation, throws, weapons and more. Indonesia’s geography means that there was very much influence from China and India, but the arts themselves are indigenous to Indonesia.

Human motion is human motion, and so many moves and techniques will have parallels from other styles. The difference between silat is partially cultural, partial stylistic, partially intent.

Who founded the system?

IOPS doesn’t so much have a founder as it has caretakers who have passed on the knowledge inherited from ancestors and arranged them around a new philosophy. Daniel Prasetya came up with the name Inti Ombak, but the knowledge represents more than his ancestry.

How many caretakers are there?

IOPS has three caretakers at any given time?

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