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Join Tiga Tactics this Sunday for a silat seminar featuring an all star teaching roster. Proceeds go to help a silat school that has been hit hard by the past year of pandemic.We are blown away by yesterday's positive response to the announcement of our upcoming Silat Fundraising Seminar!So, without further ado, here are the full details:We're hosting a live online symposium that features elite world-class instructors of Silat, Kuntao, and other Southeast Asian martial arts. If you haven't been able to find a Silat teacher (who's willing to teach the public) in your area, here's your chance to learn from a whole lineup of masters.And if that weren't enough, all proceeds will go to support the Academy of Traditional Asian Fighting Arts, which has been hit hard by the pandemic. Based in Maryland, the Academy is one of the few schools teaching authentic Serak Silat in North America. Let's fight to keep its doors open!To donate and register, go to ... See MoreSee Less
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It's been hard to figure out what to say in light of recent events, or if I should even bother to say anything at all. Apologies if this comes across as the trite "thoughts and prayers" offered by politicians. For now it's more reflecting on and processing the situation without going into a full on rant. I promise to return to the usual dosage of silat videos and memes in the near future. So here goes...I am still in shock and saddened by the loss of life from the recent mass shooting at King Soopers. Colorado has suffered several acts of senseless violence over the past two plus decades, but this time it was closer to home. This is the neighborhood grocery store for many of my friends and colleagues. My kids' school and a park we frequent are a short walk away. When I first started to teach silat here in town, I rented space from a karate dojo in the same Table Mesa plaza.This tragedy is a heartbreaking reminder of the uglier side of humanity. The gunman robbed us of the normalcy we expect when conducting the most mundane of activities. It highlights to me how destruction takes little more than intent, but creation requires care and feeding.At the same time I'm encouraged by the many who have reached out to check on the safety and well-being of those of us here in Boulder. Please take a moment to reflect on the lives loss whether they were officers on duty or regular folks going to the store. There's no replacing what was lost, but recognition of our shared connection as humans is a first step toward healing the wounds and having honest conversations about what ails our society.#boulder #bouldermassacre #boulderstrong ... See MoreSee Less
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