KM Camp 2013

A couple of weekends ago I attended the 2013 Kapatiran Mandirigma (Brotherhood of Warriors) camp at the Hermit Park Campground outside of Estes Park, Colorado. As it has been every year, this camp was a great way to learn from many skilled teachers of the Indonesian and Filipino arts. This year’s highlights included the colorful language and instruction of Master Kurt Graham, receiving the frame to Master Style Nagarajen’s house, witnessing the speed and power of Datu Rich Acosta’s Scientific Lightning, and of course getting to eat hearty servings of Rica Rica and Adobo.

More importantly it is great to reconnect with the extended martial arts family to share stories, trade knowledge. I come away learning as much in my interactions after hours as I do during the seminars. If you’re looking to attend what I consider the best three days of Silat, Eskrima and Kali in North America, I would strongly encourage attending future KM Camps.

Finally, here’s a small taste of what we did.