Langkah Pancar Lima

This past weekend was the second biennial gathering of Inti Ombak black belts. One of the the things we learned was a langkah (stepping pattern) named Langkah Pancar Lima. As we practiced its application, it became clear to all of us who had never seen this pattern before that it is especially useful for cutting off your opponent’s center line.

Fresh off the high of the gathering, I was inspired to assemble an animated gif[1] to help study and practice this step. Enjoy!
[gfycat data_id=”PeacefulBlushingAztecant” data_autoplay=true]

[1] Actually this has been converted to HTML5 using a nifty website called gfycat. If you’re ever tempted to share an animated image with the world, try uploading it to gfycat first, it will save on bandwidth.