IOPS USA Black Belt Certification 2018

Recharging the Batteries

Every two years the senior students of Inti Ombak Pencak Silat make a pilgrimmage to Colorado for an extended weekend we refer to as the IOPS Black Belt Gathering.  This is truly something special.  No two gatherings have been the same. Whether it is your first or your latest, one never knows quite to expect.

The gathering is a time to renew connections, exchange knowledge, refine understanding and set new trajectories.  The crew from Green Mountain IOPS Vermont says it best.  “We come back to recharge the batteries”.


The weekend serves as a capstone assessment for the past two years. This is an opportunity to test for promotion and/or to defend one’s current rank. In Inti Ombak the Black Belt is not something you keep automatically;  it is something that must be regularly evaluated, which is why all Black Belt certificates come with an expiration date.


Congratulations to the following members of the Inti Ombak family for their hard work in earning their certifications for 2018!

Sabuk Hitam Polos

Thom Le
Kireeti Sangadala
Nicole Wandrie

Sabuk Hitam Tingkat Satu

Morgan Brownlee
Christopher Burke
Earl Hurlburt
Patrick Keys
John Montenieri

Sabuk Hitam Tingkat Dua

Ed Alexander
Jeff Hurst
Thomas LaJesse
Brent Thomas

Sabuk Hitam Tingkat Empat

Damon Abraham
Jason Makris
John Ross
Mark Zizis

Sabuk Hitam Tingkat Lima

Andy Holman
Charles Brandon Stauft

Sabuk Hitam Tinkgat Tujuh

Lee Becker

Sabuk Hitam Tingkat Delapan

Jake Richter

Sabuk Hitam Tingkat Sembilan

Michael Leininger

Sabuk Hitam Tingkat Sepuluh

Daniel Prasetya